MAVENS Ambassador Perks:
  • All of our Mother Mavens ambassadors receive 15% commission of the sale price every time their personal code is used. 
  • The Personal promo codes allow ambassadors to earn cash while offering a 10% discount for who ever uses it. Some of our top ambassadors are making a killing from just commission alone.
  • In addition to receiving commissions from your personal promo code, all Maven ambassadors receive exclusive discounts on all products. 
  • You can never own too many handbags and we love our ambassador so we offer all our ambassadors AMAZING deals and exclusive discounts on all our products. All our ambassadors also receive early notice on all new product releases. This allows all our ambassadors to have first dibs on new products before the general public.
  • But wait there is more, we also enter all our ambassadors into our monthly  handbag giveaways. Every month we have handbags giveaways and select a few lucky winners.  This is a great chance to add another purse to your collection and post about it using your personal promo code.
  • There is also an opportunity for our top ambassadors to receive free products based on performance, such as personal promo code usage and the amount of social media followers they have.